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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Remembering Gabrielle Elise...

I have thought of this poem off-and-on since I wrote it. During my Rachel's Vineyard Retreat, I intended to read it at the memorial service. I actually wrote it the same night I wrote my letter to her. Since it's been on my mind for a while, I thought that perhaps I would share it, publicly. Some day, I may choose to publish the letter I wrote to her and read at the service, but I'm still thinking on that.

Here is the poem to my sweet little girl...

In a meadow I see you
Light dances in your green eyes
Your smile brings warmth
And your laugh ters of joy

I saw you for the first time
You've been waiting all along
Your beauty is blinding
Your heart and capacity to love, endless

Years I spent avoiding you
I was filled with anger and contempt
Unforgiving and unaccepting of mistakes
Each day I have added to the pain of losing you

Now, your hair glows in teh sunlight
Your arms reach out to me and I am there
I wait for you and smile
One day, I will hold you near
One day, I will know you well.

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