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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Healing is a Process

I am often struck by the fact that regardless of how far I've come in my healing journey, there's always room for more growth and new levels of healing to be found. In the same way that I'll never forget what I've done, the pain I caused myself as well as my baby, etc., I'll also never stop the healing process. Another gift from God above, I am certain.

In my life AFTER Rachel's Vineyard, I have slowly worked my way up to public speaking, blogging and discussion boards. Wow! Not something I could have imagined prior to the retreat. In doing all of this, I found even more ways of continuing the healing process by the telling of my story in a very raw and open way. In sharing the details, including my own selfishness and cowardice by blocking everything out, I have found a way to move away from the pain of it 100%. Now, I'm motivated by helping to prevent others from experiencing this type of pain. After all, if it were a "simple procedure" as we're so often told, would there be a need for my blog? For other blogs? For discussion groups? For healing retreats? No. There wouldn't.

We need to remember to be compassionate toward those who have gone through with abortion(s). We are all human and therefore, prone to err even in the most terrible of circumstances. Satan is VERY good at using our fear against the point where it simply swallows us whole and we are lost to it. Compassion is one of God's Graces bestowed upon us and meant to be passed around. This Grace has been another factor in my own healing. Not only in receiving it for myself...but, by being able to extend it to others.

I've come in contact with countless men and women (mostly women, to be honest and fair) who come from all sorts of backgrounds and yet, are connected by the thread of abortion. Some are well educated while others are self educated. All of them...let me say this again...ALL OF THEM deserve compassion, love, forgiveness and God's Grace!!! It is such a trying thing to experience and something that stays with you forever. Yet, God looks upon us with love and kindness and allows us to find redemption. How amazing is that?

My healing continues because I received the gift of turning my pain into someone else's healing. My struggle with the post-abortive life is what has given me the ability to help lead others back to a life without constant pain and suffering. For this, I am ever thankful to God. It's amazing what He can do in our lives if only we will get out of the way and let Him do HIS work!!! Amen!

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