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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Some people try, very hard, to invalidate the post-abortive symptoms that occur in men and/or women. They are very threatened by even the notion that abortion can have a negative affect on a person and their life.

Please do not...DO NOT allow this type of mentality, seemingly shared by much of the population, to keep you from seeking help. Hope is waiting. Healing is there. God is ready for you.

The feelings that accompany a person post-abortion are very real. Often, there is a delayed reaction...once the numbness wears off. There is sadness and depression, sometimes, suicidal thoughts...many, many types of suffering. Many people suffer in silence because no one lets them know they ARE allowed to grieve for their babies. No one told me, so I suffered in silence for 17 years.

If you suffer...if you know someone who suffers...don't continue to do so in silence. Abortion does hurt and there are people out there who are ready to help you find the healing from it that allows you to move on with life. To find yourself again and to be about more than "just your abortion" on the inside.

I found my a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat. They allowed me to tell my find hope, again.

Peace be with you.

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