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Saturday, August 13, 2011

When Others Want You to "Get Over It"

Recently, I have encountered many spiritual as well as physical battles. As you know from my latest post, my physical battle includes various reproductive issues. In spite of Satan’s attempt at drowning me in despair, I have found support and love through Christ and those with whom He surrounds me. I have found, however, the more good I do in this world the more obstacles are placed in my path.

One of the more interesting sentiments I encounter from time-to-time is the whole “get over it” mentality of people who are tired of hearing about the suffering or listening to how abortion affects those who endure it. It’s as if they were willing, at one time, to be sensitive and supportive, but now, they feel that we should move onto something else.

Why is it still on our minds?

How can we be traumatized over something that is long gone?

This, my friends, is a terrible symptom of our society and the desensitization that has occurred in regard to abortion. The conversation becomes cumbersome and they long for a way out of it. Surely, we have got to get to point in our lives where we are “over it” right?

Um...let’s see...W-R-O-N-G!

That way of thinking is one of the reasons we battle so much when it comes to this particular topic. That is why abortion doesn’t get the attention as a MAJOR issue that it truly deserves.

This is why men and women continue to suffer alone...because we are made to feel we have “x” amount of time in which to grieve and discuss it.

Then, it becomes off limits...

It’s not comfortable.

It’s a mood killer.

It is divisive.

Can’t we just all get along?

Can’t you “see someone” about that if it’s still bothering you?

As if someone can put a limit on how much pain a person is permitted to feel before they are required to “be better.”

How much of that seems familiar to you?  How often have those words been spoken to you through the actions of those around?  Sometimes, even by those you love who mean well?
How many times have you been made to feel something was wrong with YOU because you can’t find a way to move past it?

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t give in!

Do not allow our skewed society with its focus of relativism regarding morality to overtake you. It is unjust and unfair to assume that anyone “simply gets over” or “moves on” from what we have done and lived through. Does anyone ever get over the loss of a loved one? Do parents suddenly stop missing their child who died? Does anyone decide one day they no longer miss that person they loved who passed away? If there were things left undone or unsaid, does that regret simply vanish and one just shrugs their shoulders and moves on?

Let me put this another way...does anyone say this to MADD (“Mothers Against Drunk Driving”), AA (“Alcoholics Anonymous”), people going to therapy for a variety of reasons, and other groups developed as a direct result of some kind of loss (whether loss of a loved one or loss of self through addiction)?


People and society acknowledge that there is a very REAL need for support of people affected by certain things. That people can’t simply “get over” some things. The people in their lives also work to understand, to support, and to hold up those people because they recognize it as a legitimate problem for them.

So, why is it different with abortion?

Why do so many find it difficult to acknowledge a post-abortive persons ongoing grief?

That’s easy...the abortion industry, in its attempt to keep people looking in the wrong direction, has done a superb job of billing Post-Abortion Syndrome ("PAS") as something made-up. They know, full well, that acknowledgment of this condition will only put a microscope onto what abortion REALLY IS and DOES, which might allow people to realize it is not such an uncomplicated procedure simply dealing with tissue.

After all...has anyone had to attend a support group, therapist, or weekend retreat due to grief brought on by missing their gallbladder or a kidney?

Those are “simple procedures” that are only removing tissue and/or non-vital organs, right?

According to their reasoning, it is the same thing, right?

So...if that is true...either I should be writing a blog about my removed gallbladder...OR...there IS more to abortion than they are telling us.



  1. Another great post Christine.
    Our ongoing journey of healing affects all those around us also. And just as we are in awe of someone who triumphs over their grief with peace and acceptance, I am inspired by your ability to put into words what all of us experience.
    Pat Pulliam
    Silent No More Regional Coordinator

  2. Thank you for your supportive words. It is by the Grace of God that I write and only through Him that I am able to verbalize these things. He is always with us.

    Blessings to you!