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Saturday, October 15, 2011

What If...

So, it  has been a little while since my last post.  Forgive me.  School has me overwhelmed with projects and things that require much of my mental faculties.  Then, there's always work and that taxes me the rest of the way.  I am, however, remaining faithful and active in the Pro Life arena and continue my work with Rachel's Vineyard.  Of all the things I've left by the wayside to make room for school and work, RV will remain with me as I believe God placed it upon my heart, purposefully.

With that said, much has happened, lately.  I've encountered situations where my faith has been put to the test as well as my viewpoints on things such as abortion, contraception, and even, being a devout Catholic.  Some of the challenges have come from the usual suspects in debating forums or posts on Facebook.  Others have come from sources closer to home through conversations with friends, family, co-workers, and classmates. 

What I truly and sincerely enjoy is the opportunity to talk with people who can clearly articulate a viewpoint even if it is in direct opposition to mine.  By "clearly" I mean a person who expresses their passion through educated debate and not by meaningless dribble like, "because I said so" or "I will if I want to" or even resorting to of my favorites, deflecting the conversation entirely onto another topic because they've realized they cannot intelligently defend their position.  Where has the art of debate gone?  What happened to people using civilized means by which to have discussions?  Be passionate...absolutely!  I sure am!  But, there is a difference between passion and anger resulting from frustration at an inability to communicate one's point.  Don't you agree?

I spoke to a group of youth a few weeks ago at a Pro Life lock-in.  Their ages ranged from 14-17.  I was asked to share my own abortion story with them and then, field questions.  So, I shared the most pertinent part of it...the moments after I awoke from having had the abortion.  I shared what it was like to be 17 and in that situation and how all it would have taken for me to reconsider that life-shattering decision was ONE VOICE.  Initially, they didn't know what to say.  Then, after one question, here came the hands, one after another.  I thanked God at that moment for allowing me to have the strength of knowledge behind my words.  These kids were looking for more than a personal story...they wanted facts, information, resources.  I praised God that He had led me to be a Pro Life advocate and not just a person with a story to share because in that moment, I was able to give them what they desired.

This is why I continue to do what I do via Facebook, in person, by writing letters, posting blogs, and speaking at various public engagements.  Because one person can and does make a difference.  There is no telling how many people will receive the information I put forth that night, but even if only one other person is reached, then it's one person more than there was prior to that night.  One of the "tidbits" of new information I provided that night was the resource of Abby Johnson.  She is the former Planned Parenthood Director who now advocates for LIFE. 

Never let anyone make you believe that one person cannot make a difference. 
That is totally untrue. 
One person, in the sea of opposition, can be the beacon of light someone else had been searching for. 
One person can make all the difference. 

I've stated it before and I'll restate it often, when working with post-abortive persons, I hear time and again how they waited for someone to "rescue" them from going through with their abortion.  They waited for someone, anyone, to stand up and tell them they didn't have to do this...and...most often, that person they awaited was the child's father...sometimes sitting in the waiting room feeling lost, alone, and regretting what was happening while feeling helpless himself. 

What if just ONE of them had said something...what if ONE friend had said something...what if ONE person had provided them with hope in another choice...a real choice...what if???

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  1. Additional Information: While on Facebook, I was drawn into a debate with someone regarding their opposition to Pro Life advocacy. So, I responded to her statements and provided resources that clearly articulate the Pro Life Ministry as well as the harm abortion causes.

    While she remains staunchly opposed to it as well as any information provided supporting the Pro Life Movement, I hope that someone reading the back-and-forth will be struck by my words and look into it, themselves.

    I'm posting the resources I provided in that conversation with her here, so that all of you will have access to them, as well.


    Peace and blessings. MoreJane