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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pro Life Issues Heating Up

In this month of January, 2012, many of us are gearing up for marches, speaking in public forums, and remembering all who have died since Roe v. Wade.  It is a month that should give us pause and for some, it can be painful.  For me, it is a reminder that we can never sit back and simply accept that Roe v. Wade exists and call it a day, so-to-speak.  As a post-abortive woman who has suffered much since that fateful day in August, 1991, I pray for the hearts and souls of all the unborn as well as those women who are either forced into abortion, coaxed, or otherwise believe it to be an acceptable decision.  Some of us know the pain and regret that will soon follow them.

Today, I attended a prayer breakfast featuring the Pro Life leader Georgette Forney of the Silent No More Awareness group.  It was a good opportunity to show support for this great cause and listen to a national spokesperson discuss abortion.  It was great to see so many turnout for the event.  I saw many people with whom I have worked on past campaigns and also, friends with whom I still remain in contact.  I hope that some were able to gain some insight and perhaps, additional information about the abortion industry.  I hope people walked away with additional knowledge of yet another resource for the Pro Life minded person.

What struck me, however, is the Personhood Act subject matter that arose at the end of the speaking engagement.  I was hoping to learn much more about it, especially where it concerns our National Conference of US Bishops.  We were all encouraged to show support for this legislation, but unfortunately, I do not feel the questions to which I needed answers were addressed.  One woman brought up the very question I had, however, I do not believe our speaker (not Ms. Forney at that point in the presentation) was familiar enough with the opposition considering his response.

Therefore, I did a little research on my own.  As you know, I support the dignity of LIFE with NO EXCEPTION.  I never want another man or woman to suffer as the result of an abortion.  I never want to see an innocent life destroyed because they have no voice in the womb.  It stands to reason that I should support Personhood given all of that, right?  I'm still unsure.


Yes.  Unsure.  I say it because while the cause is noble and makes sense, there may be unforeseen consequences that end up negatively affecting our LIFE cause.  So, I am still weighing my support and determining for myself where that support should lie.  My reasoning was found while I did some research and came across what the Bishops and Interfaith communities stated as their concerns over supporting the measure of Personhood. 

For your convenience, I am pasting what I found below.  I encourage each of you to do your own research, pray, and determine for yourselves where you stand in this matter.  Do not simply believe it because someone whom we trust is in support of it.  It is vital that we know well what it is that we support and all the aspects of it.  Don't you agree?

Here is the information I came across (link where I found this particular information is listed below, as well - I did note that it supported much of the information I read on other sites and sources, as well):

  • Personhood amendments may overturn existing laws restricting abortion, because states treat abortion and homicide as legally different actions. Abortion restrictions would have to be replaced with fetal-homicide laws.

  • Legal challenges to the Personhood amendment could result in the awarding of legal fees to Planned Parenthood

  • If a Personhood Amendment was construed to ban abortion it may go to the Supreme Court which currently has a pro-Roe majority, one that might take the opportunuity to rule against the "personhood" of unborn children, and possibly reversing the incrementalists' legal gains.

  • Read more:

    Another reason for my doubt is that the National Right to Life organization, who is (in fact) affiliated with our Oklahomans for Life, is opposing statewide measures at Personhood.  Oklahomans for Life is currently rallying statewide support via petitions and I am holding back from signing them at this time.  Again, I point to the real concerns that arise and if something like this, on this level, could in fact hinder our abolition of the Roe v. Wade decision, then I have serious reservations about supporting it.  So, I will continue to research and discern where my support should ultimately rest.  Until then, I shall refrain from supporting either position.

    This is a matter of deep, personal consideration.  While we strive to end abortion on a nationwide scale, and while we continue to support laws that provide more and more protection to the unborn as well as the mothers, we must be careful not to become so lost in our zeal for LIFE that we ignore possible road blocks or total wreckage ahead.  If we can avoid them, we absolutely should.  Regardless of your position, I do not believe that anyone should take their decision lightly.  Research, pray, and decide for yourself. 

    Life is too valuable.  From conception until natural death.  Peace.

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