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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Being Post-Abortive and Vulnerability

So, driving home this morning I decided to flip the radio dials around.  Something I don't do often anymore since music radio is getting less and less about music and more and more about shock value.  Ugh.  Anyway, I ended up on 106.9 and what gave me pause was a woman/girl's soft voice relaying a story.  I decided to listen. 

She was talking about a nightmare involving a doll that came alive and then, became evil.  She was obviously shaken by her retelling of this story.  In the dream, the doll had yellow eyes and when her husband held it, his eyes began to turn yellow, too.  The woman panicked and didn't know what was happening, but knew it was the evil doll behind it.  The doll wanted her to go with it, but she refused.  Then, upon seeing what was happening to her husband, she begged to go with it in order to free him.  She awoke in a terror.  

Her voice was audibly shaken.  She was distressed and then, I heard the voice of a man.  Apparently, the morning show included the self-proclaimed psychic, Gary Spivey.  He is a pro at profiling and was able to deduce pain from the woman's story.  Not to mention, the statistics that let us know most women suffer from abortion in some way.  So, he immediately began speaking of an aborted child and if she had an abortion.  

This was all she could handle and her tears were easy to hear.  She admitted to it and also, the pain it caused her and how devastating it had been for her.  Now, this "psychic" began his "work" and told her this was an earth-bound child now that was possessed by several demons.  This man actually walked her through a supposed "exorcism" of sorts over the radio in a matter of 30 seconds.  He so fully took advantage of her pain and suffering that she was easy to lead through his words.  It was disturbing beyond measure to me.

The irresponsibility of this man and the way in which he can consciously participate in such a fraud boggles my mind.  Is it that he is so disillusioned that he's convinced himself he's actually doing this?  Or, is he actively aware of his fabrication of this process?  Either way, he took advantage of a woman who is truly suffering and turned it into a circus act for his own benefit. 

Hearing this prompted me to sit down at home and first, write an email to the show.  I heard they took her name and number and I decided it was worth contacting them.  I implored them to provide Rachel's Vineyard contact information to the young woman.  Regardless of whether or not they realize the seriousness of her pain and choose to do what is right, I could not sit idly by knowing that I had the tools to offer for a sincere and true healing for her.  I pray that they give her the information or that by some other means, she is able to seek the help she TRULY needs.

Secondly, it prompted me to blog.  I realize it is not often I do and I should improve.  However, I am here now and sending this out to the world so that people will be careful of the help they seek.  When we are vulnerable and in the midst of our pain, we will easily fall prey to predators.  It's not difficult to convince a person they can find a "quick fix" to their problems when all they want to do is run away from them.  Sadly, however, it's not long before that "warm fuzzy" is gone and the pain is back and often times, more forcefully.

I want to say to all of you who suffer...and to all of you who might know someone that suffers...




You ... are ... human.    You ... feel.    This is all normal.  

Please don't subscribe to the junk they shove down our throats and believe it better to avoid "feeling" by running towards distractions of one kind or another.

Don't hide it away...lock it in a cabinet...pretend it's not there.  

I did all of those things...guess what...IT DIDN'T WORK!  I made things worse and running from the pain and looking for that "quick fix" only landed me with more problems and suffering.  It appears easier at the time, however, the mole hill becomes a mountain before we realize what is happening and then, dealing with it becomes overwhelming and much more frightening.  However, it CAN be done. Healing IS possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, please take time to think more on the subject of abortion

It all begins and ends with life.  

It's not is NEVER easy to focus on...but it is n-e-c-e-s-s-a-r-y.  Too many people suffer needlessly.  Too many people think they do not have the right to grieve for their lost children.  Too often our society tells us that something is wrong with US if we aren't okay with the decision we made.  I'm telling you that is wholly untrue.  Abortion is a serious thing...and it has very serious consequences. No matter your stance on if it's right or wrong, the fact remains that people who undergo abortion suffer a great deal.  It doesn't matter your political affiliation...we're talking about people in need of help.

Please do not continue being a victim for Satan.  Healing is awaiting all of us in spite of the lies he whispers in our ears.  Regardless of how the evil one attempts to circumvent the process or prevent us from seeking help, we must endure and persevere until we find a way to conquer that ominous mountain. 

Support one another...reach out to those who suffer.  Christ is holding out His hand and ready to embrace you with love, forgiveness, and the knowledge that you ARE a good person and DO deserve to feel true joy.

Do not allow yourselves to pass by an opportunity provided by God to do His good work in this sometimes tragic world.  

The outcome cannot be our focus...the possibility of being denied must not be a deterrent.  

Choose to help those who desire and desperately seek release from their pain!

Please consider passing along this blog post to others or, even just the information I've provided below.  You never know who is in your life that silently suffers from abortion.

Peace and blessings with you all.

In Tulsa, please contact Rachel's Vineyard as follows for Post-Abortive Healing Information:
Rachel's Vineyard - Tulsa Retreats

For help nationally, please follow the link below:
Rachel's Vineyard National Web Site

At anytime, you may contact me, directly on this blog or via my Facebook Page:
Simply search for:  "Christine A. Monteith"

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