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Sunday, January 24, 2010

March For Life...

So, I participated in something I couldn't have imagined a few short years ago. I participated in the first annual March for Life in Tulsa. Wow. Can I just say that again? WOW! To be a part of something that is so much bigger than yourself is quite powerful. First, I attended Mass. The cathedral was packed to capacity...perhaps a bit beyond, actually. Afterwards, what awaited us outside was a sea of people. From all walks of faith...ready to join us arm-in-arm and stand FOR LIFE. Wow, again.

I am humbled by all those who came to support as well as by those who prayed for the event's success. It was peaceful without any negativity. Even the protestors, of which there were few, were respectful. All-in-all, it was a prayerful and lovely event. An event that I could not have attended had I not received my own healing.

On EWTN today, I watched part of a speech given by a women formerly with Planned Parenthood. She spoke about her conversion and how she came to find herself on the other side of this issue. During her speech, she made a point to say that we all need prayer. That those who oppose pro life and those who have suffered from abortion alike all need our prayers. It is not through angry words or name calling that anything productive will occur. No, it is through our prayerful presence, day-after-day, that people's hearts can be moved. I loved that she said that. I love that she rememebered that everyone is need of God's mercy. That anger has no place in this issue.

Abortion brings such pain and sadness. It does. Anyone who doesn't acknowledge that is hiding from the truth. I struggled with the effects of my abortion for years afterwards. That pain only goes deeper when you are also afraid of being judged and hated for what you've done. To know that there is a hand of mercy extended toward you regardless of your past is more than can be the thing that converts and heals you, too.

There will never be a day in my life where I won't regret my abortion. Nor will there come a day when I won't be acutely aware of the fact that I don't have a child of my own..which is of MY OWN doing. Regardless of my healing progress, I cannot erase that from my past. What I can do is move forward and learn to use that pain and suffering in service of our ensure that something good can come from it somehow.

And,when I hear people speak with such compassion and I watch prayerful and peaceful marches and rallies like I did the other night, I am filled with hope for the future. I am inspired that much more to continue my own healing and through that, to continue helping others to find their healing, as well.

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