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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Successful Meeting

So, tonight was our monthly meeting. Each month is so different and each time we gather, there's a different "feel" to things. Every meeting draws us closer and you can honestly see the difference it makes to all of these people to have the comfort and safety of such a group. The healing that is transpiring before our very eyes is amazing and it's quite evident that God is among us.

Tonight we had really raw emotion in our sharing. People were able to trust the group with blunt feelings and thoughts. The beautiful part was in that they trusted everyone in the group. They knew that this was the one place where they were not going to be judged...they were free to say what they needed and however it came out was how it came out. How many places, honestly, can we say we feel that kind of true freedom? Not even in our very own homes, most of the time. What an incredible gift we have been given.

Our group is made up of various personality types and backgrounds. Yet, we all come together as one and leave all of our differences at the door. In that moment, for those two hours, we are people who have experienced one of the worst kinds of pain imagineable and have survived it. We are people who are searching for healing or people who are ready to help others heal. In fact, I can honestly tell you that even though my role is now more of a leader than a participant, I still find myself finding more and more healing at these meetings.

It's amazing what can happen when you let your guard down. When you decide you're going to acknowledge your fears and face them...head on! It's scary as hell and not something that is comfortable in the least bit. Often times, tears rise to the surface regardless of how hard we try to fight them back. But in those tears, we find strength. And through those tears, we are able to see compassionate faces looking back at us...not with pity or disdain, but with hope and understanding...with love. This is what we need. This is what God wants...for each of us to know and accept that He has loved us through it all and that we DESERVE that love and His Grace.

Pretty amazing stuff, ya think?

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