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Monday, June 15, 2009

June "Growing on the Vine" Meeting

Well, this Wednesday is our monthly meeting. It's when a group of us get together to continue our growth post-Retreat. We have a counselor present who facilitates the meeting and then, a mixture of recent retreat attendants as well as past retreat attendants and current volunteers. It's two hours of fellowship, getting a bite to eat and then, a living scripture. We talk about things that are going on in our lives and most importantly...we listen to one another.

The listening part is most important. Listening is something the post-abortive person craves more than anything. It is imperative to our healing. Being able to speak about this tragic decision and going through the emotions that come-and-go post-retreat only helps to further our healing and makes us stronger.

As with most retreats, we all come from varied backgrounds and circumstance. Yet, in this room, each month, we come together as one group. No one cares about the differences. It only matters that we are bonded by this one thing and that we are all feeling pain on some level. For some of us, the healing is more complete and for others, it's only just begun. That's another asset to these meetings. Since we're all in different places in our own healing, we are able to provide guidance and sometimes, insight for others. It's an amazing experience.

Healing from abortion and learning to move on from it takes time. The weekend gives us all the tools we need to get there. The bonds we form there are unparalelled. We are eternally grateful to Theresa Burke for creating this program so that men and women can finally find the peace that has eluded them for so long.

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